What To Look For Before Hiring A Handyman

You don’t want to just pick someone up off the street and put them to work in your house. You want to take some time and vet these people and make sure that they have the skills to do what you need. For many handyman near me in burke, va they need to show that they have the skills to do the jobs required.

Do they have tools?

The first question that people ask is, what tools do you have? Not all handymen will have the same tools. Some will focus on specific tasks such as painting and laying tile. This is okay and there is nothing wrong with having a special skill. However, you want someone to have all the tools to do a wide range of jobs.

Do they have the skills?

Just because you know the steps in which to complete a task, doesn’t mean that you can do it or do it well. You will want to have samples of your past work completed when going to clients. If you can’t show what you have done in the past, how do we know what you can do in the future?

This is often the most important question, because it’s all about trust. A good handyman will understand and be honest about his previous experience.

Easily available

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You don’t want someone that you have a hard time contacting or someone who takes forever to show up for appointments. You want something different from each of these people? You need someone who is reliable and able to be at your home on time. There are contractors that can do this for you or if you go through your local craigslist, which many people do.


You should check references for any handyman hiring them to work on your home. You want to make sure that they are licensed and insured. It’s also a good idea to see what people had to say about this or any handyman. You can find out if they were on time, if their pricing was fair and determine how easy it was for them to get ahold of this person.

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